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Nutra Means Nutrients and Ceutical means Medicine

Means Medicine made out of food.

Let the Food be your medicine & Let the Medicine be your food.

You can do everything right – eat healthy foods, exercise, manage stress, get plenty of sleep, stop smoking and lose weight – and still not be getting everything you need nutritionally. In a landmark study by Donald Davis and his team of researchers from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and published in Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Davis showed the average vegetable found in today’s supermarket is anywhere from 25% to 75% lower in minerals (including magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc) than those harvested just 50 years ago.

And that’s if you’re doing everything right. Most busy families today have a hard time sitting down to a healthy dinner every night and getting the sleep and exercise they need. Let’s face it; most of us are falling short of our goals.

That is where nutraceuticals come in. Nutraceutical supplements provide a point of intervention that we can easily integrate into our busy lifestyles. These are quick and easy to take and support our immune system and play vital roles in keeping us healthy.

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We have Natural Alternatives to Prescription Drugs, Antibiotics & Over the Counter Drugs.

Top Quality Herbal & Nutritional Skin Care, Anti-aging supplements.

Specialty supplements for 

Heart & Arteries Health

Liver & Kidney Health

Lyme, Auto Immune

Brain & Spine Health

Oxygen & Blood Circulation Health.

Pain Management & Inflammation.

Male & Female Hormone Support.

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Have Digestive Issues

Manage anxiety and depression

Need help with eating issues

Increase Energy

Lose weight

We practice Therapeutic Nutritional Counseling—a proven approach meet your physical, mental and emotional needs.

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We have 25+ years of clinical experience.

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Health Tips to Prevent Future Diseases

3-Minute Work Out

The 3-4-minute workout, 4 times a day, four basic exercises that is squats, tin soldiers, snow angel and military press, which work all 16 of your major muscle groups. Focus on form and speed, and when you’re ready, you can increase it over time.

D3 News

The most important factor is your vitamin D serum level, which should ideally be between 50-70 ng/ml. When taking an oral vitamin D supplement, you should take enough to reach and maintain this therapeutic level. As a generic guideline, adults need to take about 8,000 IU’s a day to reach this level.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C supplementation reduces blood vessel constriction in overweight adults particularly since many people do not engage in recommended levels of daily physical activity.

C may lower BP, treat sunburn, improves vision, helps dry mouth, fights viral illnesses, helps eczema.

Brain Health