About Us

We have been in health food business for the last 25 + years in Severna Park, Maryland. We were the only store in the County to have specialized Allergen free groceries. We became well known for our personalized services. we are proud to say that thousands of our customers benefited from our special services. Feel free to schedule an appointment to discuss your health.

Health Food

We appreciate and celebrate Highest quality natural and organic food. Unique and small company brands that you can't find in large super markets. We happily take special orders


We have natural remedies & alternatives to prescription drugs and antibiotics. You will find only high quality brand name supplements in our store. OnlyTherapeutic level and Professional formulas are available,  Our Brands proudly stands for your well-being and helps create a healthier life and body.

Free Guidance

Receive Walk in Free guidance from our educated staff.

Delivery and Shipping

We love to see you in person! but if you are busy with work or some other reason, you can talk over the phone we make it fast and easy to place your order. — you can get your favorite products shipped right to your door or within 10 miles radius we can simply deliver for free.